We design, recommend, install and maintain energy efficient lighting throughout the UK. 

Your business’ existing lighting could be wasting your business thousands of pounds every year, be difficult to maintain and even produce inadequate lighting for your working conditions. As experienced electricians, we are capable of saving you up to 80% on your lighting energy costs and reducing the business carbon footprint by switching your current lighting system to a low watt energy efficient system. We are dedicated to providing bespoke, personally tailored lighting solutions for all business types.

“Improved lighting is one of the best, and easiest, ways to improve the business environment”

When building a new facility or looking for ways to cut costs in an existing space, lighting can often be the last thing people think about. But in reality, lighting should be one of the first topics for building owners and facility managers to consider. Why, you ask? Because it saves you money!

Manufacturing facilities can be at a competitive disadvantage when an outdated lighting system consumes up to 15% of the facility's energy.

Specifying a high-quality energy efficient lighting system in your commercial buildings can:

  • Help cut lighting operation costs 30% to 60%
  • Provide a comfortable yet an aesthetically pleasing environment
  • Enhance lighting quality, reduce environmental impacts and promote health and work productivity.


3s Northampton Ltd can offer you a bespoke lighting design for every area of your business, we understand the challenge is a lighting plan and that it must be cohesive and effectively illuminate different types of spaces that coexist under one roof!

  • We design a lighting plan with energy efficient future proof products allowing flexibility as company expands or lighting needs change
  • Integrate sufficient fixtures to enable employees to perform tasks comfortably, effectively and safely
  • Effectively cutting current energy costs
  • Understand light levels suitable to each application and location, uniformity of light, available daylight and glare
  • And remembering that more light does not mean better light!


At 3s, we supply and install bespoke LED lighting solutions for businesses of all sizes in all industrial and commercial sectors including; colleges, offices, leisure centres, shops or large industrial premises. We are LED experts and always ensure to make the switch to LED Lighting effective and hassle-free for all of our clients. Our LED lighting installers work around your business to supply & install energy saving LED lighting with minimal disruption to your core business.

  • Industry leading 10 year manufacturer backed warranty
  • Funding options available
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Up to 80% reduced lighting costs
  • Typical ROI achieved in under 3 years
  • Dedicated technical assistance
  • Be cash positive from day one
  • Significant environmental benefits
  • Full survey, lighting design and installation service
  • Improved Staff health & well-being
  • Increased efficiency with enhanced working environment
  • All types of existing lighting technology replaced
  • All product fully CE compliant
  • Lighting Design and Installation
  • CIBSE compliant Qualifies for ECA Tax benefits

We are accredited and monitored by the following bodies; so you can be assured our work is of the highest quality and conform to standards:


A lighting audit is an investigative process that measures existing conditions against industry standards to determine where cost-effective changes can be made.

At 3s Northampton Ltd, our dedicated Electricians offer a complete business lighting audit, which includes:

  • Determining the quantity and quality of existing lighting technology.
  • Recording the fixture types, quantities, location, height and function of the lighting
  • Detailed measurements of illumination levels are taken, both at task areas and for general overall lighting
  • All issues are noted such as; an area where lighting levels are too low/high, where lights are left on unnecessarily, or where factors leading to visual impairment may inhibit productivity or safety.
  • As part of our Lighting Audit Service, recommendations will be noted, which could include for example; lowering the lighting fixtures, adding intelligent control and changing the contrast by painting walls or machinery.


  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Improve your productivity, safety and comfort of your customers and employees
  • Obtain information about incentive programs
  • File utility rebate form