What is data cabling?

Data cables are important for businesses, as they are required for most business necessities, such as; PCs, Servers, BMS Systems, Access Systems, WiFi Access Points, CCTV, Analogue/Digital Phone Systems. They allow baseband transmissions to flow from a transmitter to a receiver, such as ethernet cables, networking media and optical fibre cables. They are made up of individual wires bundled together to conduct signals or power. These conductors can be made of one of two materials — copper (which is an electrical wire) or glass/plastic (which carries fibre-optic transmissions). These cables are then wrapped in materials such as ties, bands, tape, or braiding of plastic or metal. During data cable installation, the cables are hidden behind walls or ceiling panels, to keep the office space safe.


Why choose 3s for your data cabling?

If your business is new, relocating, or upgrading its network, it’s important to make sure you install the right network cabling. Running the wrong voice/network cabling for your business can end up being very costly. It can reduce efficiency and productivity as well as interfere with your ability to communicate with customers using voice or data. Even if you have Wi-Fi, wireless systems still need to be wired, and access points require as much cable as previous systems did. As experienced electricians with over __ years in the industry, we can guarantee to advice you on the best system for your business needs.

Structured cabling

We appreciate that in today’s modern business world, network integrity is critical and the key to this is a solid foundation at the physical layer.

Fibre optic cabling

Providing your network with bandwidth and speeds beyond your dreams, a fibre optic network can transform any business with a significant increase in speed and numbers of users simultaneously accessing data such as video and conferencing.

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All our cabling infrastructure systems are tested and certified on completion and meet all relevant quality and safety standards. Your system will also be covered by our own comprehensive warranty.



We offer repairs, fault finding and testing for your voice and data cabling systems, either as a reactive service or as part of a planned maintenance contract.

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