Our technicians have extensive experience of designing, installing and maintaining commercial solar installations.

Installing solar panels is a great way to save money and take control of your electricity bills. With energy companies' ever rising bills, have you looked into solar installations? 3s Northampton Ltd is one of the UK’s leading developers of renewable energy infrastructures.

The renewable energy industry is fast becoming one of the world’s most important sectors. In the UK it’s seen to be a prime investment opportunity yielding enviable returns for people and organisations in the know.

3s Northampton Ltd have already developed a proven track record within this exciting sector by developing, building and then selling our solar installation to large investment and pension funds around the world. Whether you’re a landowner or farmer looking for better returns for your less productive land or an investor looking for guaranteed yields, then we’re the company that can help you realise that aspiration.


SAVING YOU MONEY - sunlight is free!

By generating free, green electricity for your business to be used onsite, lowers your energy demand from the grid during daylight hours and therefore saving you thousands of pounds every year on your energy bills.


By creating your own electricity from solar will reduce your carbon output, whilst offsetting most, if not all, your business’ carbon emissions. Climate change is a major concern for all at the moment so green initiatives are a popular strategy for a business to achieve competitive advantage in their industry and strengthen relationships with their supply chain and customers.


The grid is currently struggling to generate significant electricity supply to meet the growing demands of the UK. The cost of your business going off-grid needs to be considered against a solar panel installation that would keep you in supply, should the unthinkable happen. The Government have already introduced mandatory energy audits from large businesses through the mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, suggesting that future energy usage from the grid could also be regulated.


We are one of industry leaders in solar panels for business with multi-sector experience!

Why not experience a multi-award winning service from a company driving the market through innovation. Our professional approach to solar offers you industry-leading advice and solutions from financing a solar panel installation, to designing a system, right through to having your own designated project manager to ensure an effective installation and handover.

It doesn’t stop there, after the installation our solar expert team offer a maintenance service [anchor to maintenance service below], which includes monitoring your solar panels and responding to any faults that may incur during the lifetime of your system.

We have a wide range of experience and expert knowledge working across all industry sectors, from small independent retailers installing a handful of solar panels through to large blue-chip manufacturing companies.

Finance Options

Even though the feed-in tariff scheme ended this year, it’s still possible for your business to make good financial returns if you are purchasing a solar PV system outright. However, for businesses that aren’t able to do this, or would like the benefits of solar but prefer to invest their capital elsewhere, we can advise you on the best options for financing. Your business may meet the criteria to be eligible for a fully funded system through a power purchase agreement, this is where solar panels are installed on your roof at no cost to your business and generated electricity is purchased back from the funder significantly cheaper than your existing supplier; which will save your business thousands of pounds a year off energy bills!

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Solar Install Maintenance

It is important to arrange regular maintenance for your solar installations, to ensure the PV cells are working at their best to generate the most electricity. Speak to our team for our full list of solar services, from testing the inverter efficiency to cleaning the panels.